Thursday, March 1, 2018

Generation-M Battle Cry is Heard from Coast-to-Coast

Emma Gonzalez is now a tragically unwitting but instinctively keen leader for a new generation of millennials (generation-M) who have found a voice and are making a difference just days after the Parkland school shooting.  

This is what truth to power looks like

Tearful Parkland shooting survivor, Emma Gonzalez speaking at news conference
Emma Gonzalez 
Barely a beat passed after the terrible mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School before Emma and a group of her fellow survivors found courage to step-up to face reporters and a nation with tears in their eyes and ask the simple yet obvious question -- WHY?   

Why are we being ignored by the generations that came before us?  Why are these weapons still being sold?  And their demands were just as clear and articulate. The status quo with gun control was unacceptable and that this must never happen again.  (Twitter: #neveragain)

This time, unlike in virtually all previous gun massacres perpetrated by automatic weapons and expanded bullet clips, the survivors and victims are being heard by the media and public. Their message is resonating coast-to-coast and real change is beginning to follow.

Here is some of the recent results of their activism:

  • Scores of well known corporations have cut business ties with the NRA
  • Dick's Sporting Goods' CEO CNN Interview with Dick's CEO, Edward Stack announcing the company is immediately instituting major changes including banning sales of automatic weapons, extended bullet clips, and raising the purchasing age to 21.  Walmart is following suit with some similar announcements.
  • AR-15s and bump-stocks were recently banned at the DuPage Sportsman Show held in Illinois along with the cancellation of a raffle for a gun, 
  • Youtube video gone viral of NRA member sawing his automatic AR-15 weapon in half
  • Reports of investors pulling away from gun manufacturers
  • Politicians in Washington for the first time are starting open conversations on gun laws

What has changed the environment?  Primarily the tone of the conversation. These brave young students have turned their grief and anger into a no-nonsense, kicking ass and taking names style of confronting leaders and politicians who have been sitting on their hands for far too long. 
One thing for sure that is new is their use of plain speak.  No coded words. A new vocabulary is emerging that is not getting lost in the weeds over discussions of "the 37 technical definitions of what is, and what is not an automatic firearm". They simply and articulately call the firearms -- weapons-of-war.

Also, unlike the media and journalists should be doing, they are confronting leaders and law makers with the facts and in one-on-one situations asking hard questions like:  Was the blood-money you took from the NRA and others worth the carnage?   They are demanding black and white answers from leaders on where they stand, and are making it clear that those who wink-wink, nod-nod, take bribes, donations, and lobbyist contributions of blood-money and/or support of the NRA, are now outcasts with society and especially the emerging voting block they are leading.

The NRA and its minions are failing this time to make this public outrage fade away. Their decades old playbook of attacking the victims, calling them names, insulting their intelligence, changing the topic and creating conspiracy theories isn't working. These bright young students are calling out the BS.  Bullets kill people.

Seriously, this movement is not going away. This is due in part because it is the coming of age of a new generation -- they are exerting their energy, influence and passion with a technological savvy survivors and victims of past massacres did not have available to them. Emma Gonzalez is now reported to have twice as many social media followers as the NRA.

This group is literally the first voice and first voters of those who were born in 2000 and after. They are Generation-M and their activism is off to a great start.  These are the people who are going to lead change in this world - perhaps save it.  It is time to move out the law makers who are working against the will of the majority.  Here is where you and I can help.

Image of postcard addressed to students from Parkland massacre
Send a postcard to Emma Gonzalez to support their efforts.
Unfortunately these young survivors turned activists are actually getting death threats -- do you think they are a little scared right now of their progress? So what we can do is to get behind them in force and encourage them to continue the work they have started?

Mail your post cards now to:

Emma González and survivors

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS

5901 NW Pine Island Road

Parkland, FL 33076

Let's do something tangible and let them see the support they have around the country... let them know the majority has their back. Send them a post card. Flood them with thousands of postcards so they can carry them with them when they go to the:

March for Our Lives walk out and march on DC on March 24th 

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