Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's Time for America to Surrender its Domestic Weapons-of-War

Gun ownership will always be a part of our heritage and it is impossible to imagine a future where this unique American privilege would cease to remain at least a limited protected right under the federal constitution.

That said, responsible gun owners no longer need membership in an association that fails to  represent their best interests. The NRA was historically founded on safety, but now it seems only to represent the distribution of blood money.  Florida massacre survivors are now stridently rising up to create change.  They make the ultimate demand of every American and especially you --  yes you, NRA member.

They are in your face and in public and challenging you to look in the mirror and/or the eyes of your family and friends to answer this question:

 "Are the blood money dues you pay to the NRA worth it?"

Pie chart shows 25% of the US population owns guns, 3% own more than half of all guns.
U.S. gun ownership

Statistically gun ownership, per se, is not the primary cause of the massacres becoming a routine part of American life.  What increasing numbers of millennial youth have expressed so clearly is, it is the unrestricted "weapons-of-war" owned overwhelmingly only by about 3% of the total American population that are causing these massacres.  Look at the chart.

How does a small group of outliers (in red) dictate the safety of every single American  citizen, immigrant and tourist?  Because along with the gun and bullet manufacturers they are part of a vocal minority proferring a ridiculous narrative that domestic weapons-of-war are a guaranteed right under the US constitution.  This message is madness amplified by an association that is out-of-control,  the anonymity of social media messaging AND the recent revelation foreign actors are providing financing designed to influence us through automated "social bots" all for the express purpose to sow disruption in our society and murder citizens.  This is not patriotic.

The equation is simple. The NRA, its members and supporters provide the blood money ... leaders, politicians and even supposed corporate citizens accept it -- while literally tens of thousands die in the transaction. Enough is enough.

To own a gun and be a patriot... all without blood on your hands -- just wash your hands of the NRA.

Biathlon competitors reclined in a row shooting at targets
Biathlon competition
I don't own a gun. I have gone to target practice twice in my lifetime with friends and have enjoyed some competitive entertainment.  Rifles are cool, so are shotguns, and even accurate target pistols.  Hell even the Olympic Biathlon, a sking and target shooting competition,  is a well respected sport. (BTW they shoot specially modified small barrel. single shot .22 target rifles. Not high-caliber, semi-automatic killing machines.)

Yet the time is now for the sensible majority of gun owners to take steps to form an alternative gun association to represent their interests -- safety over blood money.

Let a safe, sane and new American way prevail free from corruption, greed and the blood of our friends, brothers, sisters and children.  Do the right thing-- cancel your membership now:  tear up your membership card, burn it, use it for target practice, flush it down the toilet, make a video of it and proudly share your courage on social media.

It is not patriotic to belong to the NRA, nor to support any politician or business who betrays the public trust on this association's behalf.

This is after all still a democracy and the majority can take control for responsible gun ownership, simple registration, reasonable background checks, safety training and insurance -- just like with automobiles.

What will you do to wake-up tomorrow with clean hands?

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